Language is Our Core Competency

It Remains Our Only Focus

About Us

Excel is a California-focused language company providing interpreters and translators in over 150 languages throughout the state. Founded and operated by a medical and legal interpreter with fifteen years of professional experience in the interpreting and translating field, Excel Interpreting and Translating has become one of California’s largest network of over 6000 linguists with experience in a wide range of settings. Our mission is to understand language, culture and the the important role it has in the local and global economies.

Language is our core competency and through the years, it remains our only focus. Our clients are law firms, hospitals, health and clinic systems, social services agencies, schools, private businesses and numerous governmental organizations. Our professional interpreters and translators hold certifications from nationally-recognized certifying bodies, with requirements for continuing education. We offer both simultaneous  and consecutive  modes of interpretation, with interpreting experience in many settings. Additionally, we provide technical translation in a wide range of subject matters and in most languages.

At Excel Interpreting, we are driven by profound respect for our clients and their need to communicate their messages accurately, efficiently, and in a culturally relevant manner – because we understand how much is at stake. Comprised of interpreters and translators, the scheduling team at Excel understands that hiring the right linguist is a critical part of building a strong relationship with your clients or your partners.

With Excel’s extensive language and translation experience, you can raise your customer’s satisfaction and maintain it at the highest level – at the lowest reasonable cost. We have a long history; we know the pulse of the language industry and even if you’re unsure of your need, we can help to direct you to ensure, that you, your partners and your clients are not disappointed.

We take pride in our seamless customer service and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with our clients, even if only for a complimentary quote. Contact us today at 1-800-915-0638 or complete our convenient QUOTE FORM.