Our Job is to Match the Right Linguist

With the Proper Certification and Level of Experience


We offer the largest network of certified, qualified and language skilled interpreters and translators throughout California. In the State of California, there are various levels of certifications for legal and medical interpreting.


  • Federal Court Certified Interpreters
  • State Court Certified Interpreters
  • State Court Registered Interpreters
  • State Personnel Board (SPB) Administrative Hearing Interpreters
  • State Personnel Board (SPB) Medical Interpreters
  • Certified Translators for designated languages through the American Translators Association (ATA)
  • Certification for Medical Interpreting (CMI)



  • Provisionally Qualified Court Interpreters

California Courts will sometimes “qualify” an interpreter to work in court if all three requirements are met:

1) Interpreters who passed the first component of the English-Fluency or the Certification Exam

2) Interpreters with experience in the legal setting

3) The court has exercised “due diligence” and cannot locate a Certified or Registered Interpreter

  •  Language Skilled/Qualified Interpreters and Translators