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Koy Wong Jay, B.A. – Founder, CEO


Koy has fifteen years of experience as a professional language interpreter and translator. After obtaining her interpreter badge through California Judicial Council, she worked as a freelance interpreter for four years before accepting a full time staff interpreter position for Sacramento County, where she continued to cover all stages and phases of criminal cases for the next eight years for California Courts. Koy received her B.A. in English Literature from U.C.L.A. and completed two and a half years of law before deciding to launch Excel Interpreting & Translating in 2010. 

Koy’s professional interpreting career began in 2000 when she became the first Registered Court Interpreter for the Iu Mien language. As a seasoned interpreter with wide ranging experience, Koy believes she can make broader changes in the language industry. Her experience and her training while in law school provided her with a deeper appreciation for the various stages of the litigation process, and the role of competent language interpreters as an integral part of that process. Previously, Koy worked as a school teacher. In addition, she worked at the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office where she focused on education and outreach; on projects specific to the immigrant and refugee population in the Central Valley.

Koy’s passion for language is driven by the profound struggles facing individuals who live in vulnerable, at risk communities; people who do not understand the English language and cultural differences that affect outcomes for life choices. Her resolve to bridge this gap in communication grew when she observed how mistakes in interpretation influenced the difference between justice and punishment; between receiving benefits and suffering penalties. Early in her profession, it became clear to her that the role of a competent language interpreter or translator made all the difference. Koy has seen first hand how interpreter errors from use of unqualified interpreters can threaten the integrity of witness testimony, compromise the success of litigation and result in dismissals of cases. Believing she could make a difference, she founded Excel Interpreting & Translating.

As a manager at Excel, Koy writes proposals and submits bids to expand Excel’s networking outreach as well as run the day to day operations of the company. Drawing on her business acumen she establishes and implements company goals, policies, and protocols to maximize productivity and optimize delivery of services. As an immigrant herself, and the one “interpreted for” at one point, Koy understands the benefits of interpreting and overcoming the multitude of challenges that confront a community and an interpreter. She has full faith in her scheduling team, a team made up of interpreters who believe in shared experiences in the different nuances of the language field.


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