Competent Interpreting Services Will Improve Positive Patient Outcomes

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  • 150+ Languages throughout California
  • 6000+ Linguists
  • Medical Certified & Language Skilled or Qualified
  • Joint Commission and HIPAA Compliant
  • CHIA Standards and Protocols
  • Regular & Medical Legal (QME, AME, etc.)
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • In-patient & Out-patient Psychiatric 

Language is a critical component to achieving effective medical treatment and improving positive patient outcomes. At Excel Interpreting, we understand the important role of competent language interpreters and the many nuances that exist when working in medical settings. Our interpreters are Joint Commission and HIPAA compliant and are bound by a code of ethics, standards and practices established by the California Healthcare Interpreters Association (CHIA) emphasizing confidentiality, impartiality, discretion and professional distance.

At Excel Interpreting, we are acutely aware of the potential problems that can arise if interpreters are not properly trained or qualified. Each request for language services is carefully reviewed and matched with an interpreter with the requisite experience, training and applicable level of certification. Whether it is a regular doctor visit, a qualified medical exam (QME), or an appointment in a mental health setting, our interpreters will help to bridge the language gap for limited English speakers.

Consider a language company with standards and experience; a company whose scheduling staff is comprised of experienced medical interpreters. Having worked in medical settings, we are versed in the potential safety concerns and the various nuances of any given appointment. As such, our efforts are aligned with healthcare providers to improve the quality of care, provide access to services and deliver it accurately, efficiently, and in a meaningful and culturally relevant way.

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