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Interpreting in legal settings is quite different from interpreting in other settings. There are great differences in language, protocol, certification levels, roles and risks. Trained interpreters abide by a code of ethics that stresses the confidentiality, impartiality, discretion and professional distance. Our trained interpreters understand how much is at stake for all parties involved. They understand the legal issues are complicated and they recognize it is the job of the legal team to sort it all out. As such, our interpreters understand their professional boundaries and they are mindful not to influence outcomes.

At Excel Interpreting, we are acutely aware of the potential problems that can arise if interpreters are not properly trained or qualified. Each request for language services is carefully reviewed and matched with an interpreter with the requisite experience, training and applicable level of certification. Our scheduling clerks are themselves experienced language interpreters who cover a minimum of 20 assignments (annually) to keep pace with the pulse of the industry. Even if you are not certain about what the right fit is for you, they know what questions to ask to help you get there and ensure that your clients are not disappointed.

Our simultaneous  and consecutive  interpreters are state and federally certified. For languages of lesser diffusion for which there is no certificated designation, we utilize our network of Registered Interpreters in California. Familiar with different techniques, our professional interpreters are trained to get your message across objectively, accurately and efficiently.

Whatever your needs are, from attorney client visits to trials and everything in between, we can customize a language solution specific to your needs.

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