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Welcome to Excel Interpreting and Translations and thank you for visiting. If you have a passion for working with individuals with diverse language backgrounds to communicate and thrive across linguistic, social and cultural barriers, consider joining our team of professional interpreters and translators in the industry. We value our interpreters as critical partners in excellent service delivery. As such we have dedicated numerous pages of information to our linguists.

We hope you will find the various pages full of useful information to help guide you in the interpreting profession. There are many interpreting agencies of varying sizes, nationally and internationally, some more established and more reputable than others. When deciding who you want to work with, consider the following factors:

  • How accessible are the staff at the agency you work for?
  • How accessible is the accounting/payroll department?
  • What are the pay cycles?
  • Are the payments timely and consistent?
  • Are the work/purchase orders for your services detailed?
  • Does the work/purchase order accurately reflect the rate of pay, mileage or travel time that was previously negotiated?
  • Ask other interpreters what their experience has been when working for a particular agency.
  • Is there a physical contact address? Or it is only a P.O. Box?

As a freelance interpreter/translator, contractual agreements should be expected for every assignment you accept. You want the work and ensure that you are paid for the services you provide. Having something in writing will help to minimize misunderstandings about the terms and conditions you agreed upon.

Best Wishes from the Excel Team!