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Important Things to Consider When Securing In-Person Language Services

To ensure positive results:

  • Keep in mind that good interpreters and translators are in high demand
  • Best practice is to secure the interpreter or translator as early as possible
  • Some agencies are more effective than others when filling last minute requests

Remember that there are only so many certified interpreters and translators in a specific region at any given time. If you are in need of an exotic/rare language interpreter in a region of the state with specific certification, for example, and there is only one local interpreter for that language, the costs may increase due to travel time and mileage expenses incurred to send an interpreter from outside the area. Moreover, waiting too close to the service date may leave you without an interpreter altogether.

Another important fact to remember when scheduling for interpreter services is:

  • Narrow down the duration  of the appointment and reserve the interpreter for the estimated time you need the services for.
  • Overestimating may result in payment for services not received but keep in mind that underestimating may result in the interpreter leaving for a previously scheduled appointment.

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