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Industry and subject-specific technical translation projects we can help you with:

·  Advertising ·   HR Materials
·  Books ·   Legal/Declarations
·  Birth Certificates ·   Letters
·  Brochures ·   Pharmaceutical
·  Community Outreach ·   Statements
·  Court Decisions ·   Social Services 
·  Diplomas ·   Training Materials
·  Handbooks ·   Voter Registrations
·  Healthcare ·   More…

Price points vary, depending on project size, technical nature of subject matter, turnaround times, formatting requirements and rarity of language. Our document translators are capable of general as well as industry-specific translations. Our extensive database of technical translators covers a wide range of industries.  Our translator database also encompasses specialty fields including legal and healthcare translation as well as website localization. Depending on the size of the project, translations can be completed with turnaround times of 24-48 hours from the time of confirmation. Keep in mind that a translator can translate an average of 2000-2500 words per day.

Additional time is required for quality assurance steps and for the work to be reviewed by at least one other translator for proofreading and editing before the product is considered completed. Translation converts written text from one language (source language) into the written text in another language (target language). Professional translators are writers first and foremost; skilled at moving information between two languages and capable of producing text that reads well in the target language. At minimum, Excel translators must possess a Bachelor’s Degree and two years of continuous translating experience.

For immediate assistance, call our Translations Department at 1-800-915-0638 ext. 102. You may email us at: translations@excelinterpreting.com or complete our convenient QUOTE FORM.


translator  converts the written text of one language into the text of the target language. An interpreter  verbally converts the meaning of one spoken (source) language into the spoken (target) language of another. Simply said, interpreters speak and translators write. Each requires a distinct set of skills and aptitudes as well as mental dexterity and memory. Not everyone has equal capabilities. While some linguists can translate and interpret, most can perform one but not both tasks. Even a smaller percentage of interpreters and translators can interpret, translate and sight translate.

Quality Assurance Process for Translations

The adage, “You get what you pay for,” is particularly relevant when it comes to hiring translators. Though it may be convenient and economical to hire just one translator, pricing alone should not be your sole consideration. To ensure that materials are translated with 100% accuracy and are easily understood by the largest possible audience, we recommend the following three-step process: translation, editing and proofreading by a third party.

Guide on How to Hire a Translator

When determining eligibility of a prospective translator, it is recommended to hire a translator (as well as editor and reviewer or proofreader) with the language expertise, experience as well as translation credentials. If you are unable to select a credentialed translator for languages of lesser diffusion, the translator may be chosen from other reliable lists or from alternative, credible sources. It is important to check the translator’s qualifications and experience before engaging their services. Be sure to consider the following before making a final decision: language match, level of qualification, membership in a professional body such as the American Translators Association (ATA) and references.

A translator may be obtained through an interview process or through a bidding process. Common industry practice is to charge a per word rate; however, some translators charge per page with a project minimum. Keep in mind that the average translator can translate 2000-2500 words per day. Once a translator has been hired, brief the translator and establish proper procedures and preferred protocols. Make available information and specialized knowledge the translator may need by providing relevant background information and supportive materials whenever possible. Lastly, be sure to appoint a person for the translator to contact for clarification on linguistic issues, discrepancies and/or additional information.